Whether our client wants to reverse an adverse judgment or protect a favorable one from reversal, the attorneys at Goldberg Segalla can use their unique skills to help reach the desired outcome. We have successfully resolved appeals in matters that have been with the firm from their inception, as well as those referred to us at the appellate stage.

At Goldberg Segalla, our comprehensive appellate practice is fully integrated with our litigation and insurance coverage practices, which protect the rights of our clients from the beginning. Our attorneys not only excel at writing briefs and oral advocacy but also are intimately familiar with the unique motion practice and bond or undertaking issues frequently involved with appeals.

Successful in New York State, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and beyond
Recognizing the unique demands of appellate advocacy, our firm has assembled a group of attorneys with vast appellate experience (in addition to their experience in a wide range of practice areas). Some of the group’s attorneys have clerked at Connecticut’s and New York State’s highest courts, New York’s and New Jersey’s appellate division, and the United States Circuit Court of Appeals. Our group is well versed in the procedural requirements of the New York Court of Appeals, and has used these skills to bring important issues to New York’s highest court – where we have successfully argued our clients’ positions. Of course, the appellate attorneys at Goldberg Segalla have also successfully argued and defended appeals in United States Circuit Courts of Appeals and state appellate courts.

Beyond isolated appeals, Goldberg Segalla can help clients gain vision and perspective with regard to the larger legal landscape. Thanks to diligent and constant work to keep current on trends in civil defense and nascent issues affecting our clients, our attorneys can understand each client’s goals in staying or changing the legal landscape beyond a specific appeal. Our collective knowledge and experience allow our clients to successfully monitor statewide and nationwide trends, using appeals to help attain our clients’ vision.

Amicus Curiae Briefs
We regularly represent leading organizations and businesses as amici in the New York Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of New Jersey, as well as other federal and state appellate courts. Given our appellate attorneys’ depth of knowledge, we can write amicus curiae briefs on a wide range of issues. We have also been extremely successful in securing support from amici to support our clients’ appeals and raise key arguments authoritatively.

Post-Trial Motion Practice
Whether assisting trial counsel or taking over the matter with an eye toward appellate practice, our attorneys regularly prepare post-trial motions for our clients. Our constant tracking of court decisions – combined with our robust writing and analytical skills – provides a solid foundation for successful post-trial motions. In addition, Goldberg Segalla can either assist with or handle collateral source hearing; where appropriate, we can provide a CPLR 50-B judgment analysis and litigate those issues.

State and Federal Practice
The attorneys at Goldberg Segalla have successfully handled numerous appeals in state courts nationwide, as well as in a number of federal Circuit Courts of Appeals, including the New York Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of New Jersey. We are skilled not only in writing and arguing appeals but also in the type of complex motion practice ubiquitous in state and federal appellate law. In addition, our appellate attorneys have invaluable experience, having clerked at the New York Court of Appeals, the New York Appellate Division, the New Jersey Appellate Division and the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit.

Trial Assistance for Preservation Issues
At Goldberg Segalla, our attorneys frequently work in tandem with trial counsel to plan successful litigation strategies and ensure that issues are preserved for appellate review. Issues typically include:
• Dispositive motions
• Motions in limine
• Preservation consultation on evidentiary issues
• Writing jury charges

Our appellate attorneys take a team approach to every trial, complementing the work and strategy developed by each client’s trial attorneys.