Interactive Employment Training Courses

In the ever-changing, highly regulated, and complex employment landscape, every day presents new challenges and risks for employers and managers relating to prospective, current, and former employees. Goldberg Segalla’s interactive labor and employment training courses provide answers to tough legal and compliance questions, offer practical guidance, and explore proactive approaches to maintaining a positive work environment while minimizing risk or the threat of a lawsuit. The experienced attorneys in our Employment and Labor Practice Group can present any of the programs outlined on the following pages at your business.

TRAINING COURSE 1 — Administering the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA Introduction and Overview

  • What is the FMLA?
  • What employers are covered?
  • What do covered employers have to do (policies, postings, notices, etc.)?
  • What are the risks of violating the FMLA?
  • The FMLA and its intersection with other laws 

FMLA Eligibility

  • When is an employee eligible for FMLA coverage?
  • What constitutes an FMLA-qualifying medical condition for the employee?
  • What qualifies an employee for leave as a caregiver?
  • FMLA leave issues for same-sex couples

Real-World FMLA Issues in Benefits Administration

  • Use of unpaid benefit time under FMLA
  • Collecting health plan premiums for paid and unpaid leaves
  • Determining when to offer COBRA continuation coverage
  • Resuming health and flexible spending account coverage after FMLA
TRAINING COURSE 2 — Dos and Don'ts of Discipline 
  • Avoiding common errors during the discipline or discharge of employees that are primary causes of employment litigation and complaints
  • Best practices for handling employee discipline
  • The meaning and purpose of “progressive discipline,” including the circumstances where going through all of the steps of progressive discipline is not required
  • Employee and employer legal rights and strategies for dealing with their interaction
TRAINING COURSE 3 — Wage and Hour Issues
  • Primer on the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Exempt and non-exempt employees
  • Best practices for record-keeping
  • Critical payroll issues
TRAINING COURSE 4 — Hiring/Firing 


  • What to ask — and what not to ask — during an interview
  • Rules regarding medical inquiries and examinations
  • Lawful background checks in light of the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • When and how to utilize criminal history and credit information in light of EEOC guidance and state/local laws
  • Best practices for researching applicants via social media
  • Key hiring documentation


  • First step — Why do I want to fire this employee?
  • Tips for terminating based on poor performance
  • Contractual limitations on the ability to terminate
  • Analyzing potential legal landmines
  • Obligations to departing employees
  • To offer severance or not to offer severance?
  • Shaping and delivering the termination message
  • Handling references
  • The importance of wearing the “white hat”
TRAINING COURSE 5 — Managing Social Media in the Workplace
  • Pros and cons of social media: Recruiting and branding vs. lack of privacy and control
  • How to properly use social media in the hiring process
  • Monitoring employees’ social media activity, emails, and texts
  • Cyber-liability risks every employer should know in the social media age
  • Employee privacy protections
  • Review of recent case law
  • NLRB social media policies
  • Restrictive covenants and social media
  • Implementing company policies to limit exposure: Options and practical steps
  • Using social media in discovery in employment lawsuits
TRAINING COURSE 6 — Sexual Harassment 
  • What is sexual harassment?
  • In what circumstances can it arise?
  • What type of conduct or acts can be viewed as sexual harassment?
  • How do federal and state laws attempt to prevent sexual harassment?
  • How can I prevent sexual harassment in my workplace?
  • What are the consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace?
TRAINING COURSE 7 — Anti-Harassment 

For Employees — 60-Minute Interactive Session

  • Anti-harassment training specifically tailored to your policies
  • Addresses sexual harassment as well as other forms of harassment — e.g., race, age, disability, etc.

For Management — 60-Minute Interactive Session

  • Gain a better understanding of possible liability under various laws
  • Learn the responsibilities of supervisors in order to help avoid risk
TRAINING COURSE 8 — Performance Evaluations
  • Training for supervisors, customized to your forms and policies
  • The importance of conducting performance evaluations
  • How to make performance evaluations more effective