Toxic Torts

Goldberg Segalla’s Toxic Torts Practice Group has a long history of aggressively defending the interests of high-profile clients and trying cases to verdict. Market-leading companies from a vast array of industries trust Goldberg Segalla to handle their toxic tort litigation and to provide preventative counsel to help minimize the risk of a lawsuit. Our clients include:

  • Equipment manufacturers, including manufacturers of pumps, valves, brakes, boilers, electrical products, and aviation-related products
  • Building product manufacturers and sellers, including manufacturers and distributors of insulation, joint compound, gaskets, and furnace cement
  • Residential product manufacturers, including manufacturers of washing machines and dryers, residential irons, and hair dryers and curlers
  • Premises owners, including residential, commercial, and industrial
  • Contractors, including commercial, industrial, and residential
  • Transportation providers, including trucking companies and railroads

Our experience spans the full range of toxic torts, including:

  •  Asbestos litigation — Over the last 30 years, our trial lawyers have collectively litigated thousands of asbestos cases across the country and served as national, trial, and local counsel.
  • Chemical exposure claims — Our cases involve a wide array of chemicals and injuries, including allegations of emotional distress, medical monitoring, fear of cancer, multiple chemical sensitivity, and increased risk of injury.
  • Environmental contamination claims — We have litigated both personal and property injury claims, including those resulting from underground storage tank leaks and chemical releases.
  • Indoor air quality claims — Our team is well versed in defending personal injury claims allegedly caused by adverse indoor air quality, along with the particular challenges facing defendants, insurers, and experts.
  • Lead paint claims — We have effected successful dispositions of numerous significant lead-poisoning cases and developed strong working relationships with the foremost experts in lead-based-paint poisoning.
  • Legionnaires’ disease claims — Our team has an impressive track record of mitigating, if not completely defeating, exposure claims related to Legionnaires’ disease and other bacterial contamination claims across the country.
  • Mold claims — We have extensive experience in mold-related tort and property claims, successfully resolving the vast majority prior to trial either through settlement or dismissal thanks, in part, to our extensive network of expert witnesses.

Several members of our team have background experience in environmental science, consulting, wastewater treatment, and other disciplines, providing increased efficiency and greater understanding of the technical and scientific challenges facing our clients.

Our Approach

We believe that each toxic tort case must be thoroughly prepared as if it were going to trial — or, in cases where there is no liability, we aggressively pursue an early dismissal. Our team develops a comprehensive working knowledge of each client with a focus on developing defenses that are unique to the client or particular facts of a case. If there is a medical defense, we take the lead and work with our extensive network of experts to develop it. If there is a question regarding credibility of product identification, we investigate the sites and locate co-workers to challenge a plaintiff’s claim. We aggressively develop proof regarding alternative exposure.

In short, we know what needs to be done to place our clients in the best possible position to proceed to trial and verdict, if necessary. Our proactive approach, coupled with our relationships with the prominent plaintiffs’ firms, has led to consistently successful results in even the most complex, high-exposure cases.