Dove Burns Quoted in "Circuit Clears Way for Lawyer's OT Suit Against Skadden," New York Law Journal July 24, 2015

In a New York Law Journal piece on the Second Circuit’s holding that temporary attorneys engaged in document review work are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act — and thus must be paid overtime — Goldberg Segalla partner Dove A. E. Burns explains that the ruling “has the potential to put into question the professional employee exemption” for other licensed professionals.  

"In order for the professional exemption to apply, the employee must be licensed/certified for the particular field and ‘actually be engaged in the practice,’” Dove, a partner in the firm’s Employment and Labor Practice Group, told the NYLJ. “This would result in significant and unusual scrutiny for an entire segment of professionals where there has never been such probing.”

Read the article here:

·       Circuit Court Clears Way for Lawyer’s OT Suit Against Skadden,” New York Law Journal, July 24, 2015 (subscription required)