"Expert Insight Into Insurance & Reinsurance," Lawyer Monthly October 2014

“Our transatlantic Global Insurance Services team is over 50 lawyers strong and is designed to handle any challenge facing insurers, reinsurers, or other entities operating in the insurance arena,” noted Daniel W. Gerber, Co-Chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services Practice Group, in an interview for the international Lawyer Monthly’s “Expert Insight” Q&A feature. “Our goal has always been to address the broken model of legal services in the insurance space by incentivizing teamwork and long-term relationship building instead of focusing on profits per partner.”

In this interview, Dan explores the effects of Solvency II on the insurance and reinsurance industry, how the increased severity and frequency of both natural and man-made disasters have impacted insurance law, and how insurers and reinsurers can avoid the potential pitfalls that result from the changing and fluid nature of insurance law.

“Challenges come from every angle — courts, consumers, governments, regulators, and internal cost constraints,” Dan said. “This is where the company’s law firm, if it truly understands the business, can be part of the solution. Take claims leakage, which is a constant headache for clients. At our firm, we made it a priority to develop processes to ensure we follow our clients’ guidelines in order to help them keep their claims leakage numbers down and to provide cost certainty.”

In September, Lawyer Monthly named Goldberg Segalla the USA Insurance Law Firm of the Year and Dan earned the USA Insurance and Reinsurance Lawyer of the Year distinction.

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