Intelligent Insurer Highlights Goldberg Segalla's Teamwork-Focused Approach in Monte Carlo Edition September 2013

“The insurance industry is facing unparalleled challenges,” notes Goldberg Segalla in this Intelligent Insurer article examining the role of legal services in the insurance industry. “Nobody who works with the insurance industry can expect to be insulated from these challenges — least of all lawyers. We’ve looked at the challenges that affect our clients and we’ve looked at what we can do about the way in which we work to help our clients face those challenges.”

In this article, Global Insurance Services Co-Chair Daniel W. Gerber and Managing Partner Richard J. Cohen explain to Intelligent Insurer what they see as a broken model in the legal services industry — and how Goldberg Segalla aims to fix it through a culture that rewards teamwork and long-term relationship building. "In just twelve years, we’ve grown organically from seven lawyers to one hundred and seventy—I think that shows our approach is something clients in the insurance and other markets have been longing for,” Rick notes in the article.

“It all starts with truly understanding the client’s business,” Dan explains. “Our philosophy is, you have to walk in their shoes and feel their pain. … It’s about being part of the solution, not part of an expensive problem.”

Read the article here:

  • A Paradigm Shift,” Intelligent Insurer Monte Carlo Edition, September 2013