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The Insurance and Reinsurance Report

Provides daily updates of law, news and developments in insurance and reinsurance. Editors: Dan Gerber, Jeff Kingsley, Tanguy de Schwarz, and the Global Insurance Services Group

New Jersey Product Liability & Consumer Fraud Defense
Addresses  the complex federal and New Jersey regulations governing the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of products in a wide range of industries. Editors: John P. Freedenberg, David S. Osterman, H. Lockwood (Chip) Miller III, Thomas J. O’Grady  and the New Jersey Product Liability Practice Group.

Shale Watch

A review of the legal developments arising out of hydraulic fracturing. Editors: Kenneth Alweis, John Jablonski, Andrew Scholz, and the Hydrofracking Practice Group.

Risky Business: Avoiding Product Liability, Commercial, and Other Litigation
A blog to help companies recognize, analyze, and proactively avoid the risk of loss in a business context. Editors: Frank J. Ciano and the Risk and Litigation Avoidance Strategies Practice Group.

Sports and Entertainment Law Insider
Your all-access pass to the latest legal developments impacting the business of sports and entertainment. Editors: Joseph M. Hanna and the Sports and Entertainment Practice Group.

Professional Liability Matters

Legal developments and risk management tips impacting the professional liability community. Editor: Seth Laver

Life Science Matters

An inside look at the latest legal developments involving medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and more. Editors: Michael D. Shalhoub and Joseph J. Welter

OSHA: Legal Developments and Defense Strategies
Designed to help companies from all industries form effective strategies for complying with the complex and evolving regulations put forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and also provide practical tips for responding to citations. Editors: David E. Leach and Michael Rubin 

New York Civil Law
A forum for New York appellate law, civil procedure, insurance coverage and defense, and other critical issues. Editor: Matthew Lerner

Legal Holds and Trigger Events
Dedicated to cases, insights, developments and best practices relating to the development and implementation of legal holds relating to audit, investigation and litigation in the United States; and trigger events that give rise to the duty to preserve evidence in the United States. Editor: John Jablonski