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John J. Jablonski Quoted in "Dentons' Low-Tech Email Breach Shows Firms' Vulnerability," Law360 June 26, 2017

John J. Jablonski, a partner and Co-Chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Cyber Risk Practice Group, spoke to Law360 about the recent arrest of a former Dentons litigation associate who allegedly attempted to extort firm partners using information he had taken from a managing partner’s email account.

“Even the most forward-thinking, advanced cybersecurity controls, if they’re not being enforced at the most basic level, people are going to get in trouble,” Jablonski, who is also the firm’s Information Security and Privacy Officer, told Law360.

Talk of cyber security measures often focuses on external threats, Jablonski explained — but robust cyber security measures start with internal best practices.

“If it’s a partner that maybe doesn’t feel that he’s tech-savvy or doesn’t like the rules to apply to him or her, the IT department may avoid applying those rules,” Jablonski said. But this is a potentially devastating decision. All attorneys and administrators need to understand these best practices — which include limiting clearance to documents and correspondence, as well as even simpler but too-often overlooked measures, like locking computers and changing passwords.

“This should never have happened,” Jablonski said.

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