Transactional Risk Insurance

Transactional risk insurance is one of the fastest-growing fields in the insurance industry — and Goldberg Segalla has grown with it. We are positioned to assist clients across multiple capacities within this field. 

Also known as reps and warranties insurance, transactional risk insurance covers risks and losses associated with corporate merger and acquisition transactions that arise when the seller’s representations and warranties underlying the transaction have been breached. When a claim arises, insurers need to evaluate whether the policy provides coverage for the particular loss claimed, and if so, whether the claim itself and the losses claimed are valid. 

Goldberg Segalla attorneys have extensive experience in complex coverage disputes and commercial litigation, making us uniquely qualified to assist insurers in both aspects of the reps and warranties insurance claim process. Experienced coverage lawyers counsel clients on matters of policy interpretation and advocate on insurers’ behalf when coverage disputes turn adversarial.  In addition, our commercial business attorneys represent insurers litigating disputed claims, bringing their legal acumen and team of subject matter experts to advocate on the insurer’s behalf and effectively resolve claims. 

As transactional risk insurance continues to grow and the size of insured transactions expands, Goldberg Segalla is well-positioned to represent the insurance industry across the full spectrum of claims it faces.