Employment and Labor Coronavirus Rapid Response Team

Our Employment and Labor Coronavirus Rapid Response Team exists to handle all of the most pressing issues facing employers in the unprecedented business environment created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Led by senior attorneys from our Employment and Labor practice, this group provides daily counsel to a diverse client community on issues including workplace safety, changes to employment policies, interpretation of new state and federal laws and guidance, labor issues, layoffs and staff reductions, the defense of employment-related claims, and strategic communications to internal and external stakeholders.

Our Rapid Response Team is available 24/7 to assist clients with matters including:

  • Changes to workplace policies
  • Crisis management and media and public relations
  • Interpretation of “essential” versus “non-essential”  businesses under state and city executive orders
  • Health insurance continuation questions and COBRA queries
  • Layoffs and reductions in force in the context of WARN and mini-WARN statutes
  • Navigating unemployment
  • OSHA reporting
  • Remote workforce management
  • Workplace exposure to COVID-19 and handling issues related to COVID-19 in the workplace

In addition, we provide employers with daily counsel on the latest statutes, regulations, and guidance to come from federal, state, and local governments, including:

  • CARES Act
  • Family First Coronavirus Response Act
  • State COVID-19 laws
  • State executive orders


Contact our Employment and Labor Rapid Response Team via email for immediate assistance, or contact one of the individual members of our team below.

Caroline J. Berdzik
Chair, Employment and Labor | Chair, Health Care | Chair, Long-Term Care
Princeton | Philadelphia | Manhattan
609.986.1314 | cberdzik@goldbergsegalla.com

Michael Rubin
Chair, OSHA and Worksite Safety
Buffalo | Manhattan
716.844.3477 | mrubin@goldbergsegalla.com

Scott R. Green
Garden City | Manhattan
516.281.9859 | scgreen@goldbergsegalla.com

Stephen C. Mazzara
Los Angeles | Orange County
213.415.7210 | smazzara@goldbergsegalla.com

Jacqueline K. Siegel
Manhattan | Garden City
516.281.9855 | jsiegel@goldbergsegalla.com

Kristin Klein Wheaton
Buffalo | Manhattan | Garden City
716.710.5805 | 646.292.8763 | kwheaton@goldbergsegalla.com

Christopher P. Maugans
716.710.5825 | cmaugans@goldbergsegalla.com

Employment Updates and Resources

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