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Risk Transfer, Employer Liability, and Grave Injuries: Who Is Going to Pay?

While this webinar will focus primarily on the New York construction aspect of risk transfer, it will be helpful for anyone dealing with risk-transfer issues. The presenters will also discuss activating the employer-liability section of a workers’ compensation policy via a claim of “Grave Injury,” and the resulting priority of coverage issues between the commercial liability policy and workers’ compensation policy.

Who should attend:

  • Experienced and novice claim professionals who deal with risk-transfer issues on a regular basis

You’ll learn:

  • The various causes of action available for risk transfer under New York law
  • How these causes of action will interact with the New York Workers’ Compensation Bar and what exceptions are available
  • How to analyze whether a common-law cause of action is available against an employer pursuant to a Grave Injury and how coverage is analyzed between commercial general liability carriers and workers’ compensation carriers

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