"ADA Website Accessibility: The Time for Compliance Is Now," USLAW Magazine

"ADA Website Accessibility: The Time for Compliance Is Now," USLAW Magazine

Fall/Winter 2016

“Most owners and administrators understand that their brick-and-mortar locations must be handicap-accessible pursuant to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA),” writes Hilary A. Dinkelspiel, an attorney in Goldberg Segalla’s Employment and Labor Practice Group.

“But in a world that operates as much online as it does on the ground, what does that mean for websites? Many decision-makers are unaware that their websites are under increasing scrutiny for compliance with the ADA — scrutiny that could land them in court. From Harvard to Netflix, litigation over website accessibility is on the rise. Retailers, universities, hospitals, financial institutions, municipalities, and service providers that do not want to get caught in this wave of lawsuits need to move toward compliance now.”

In this article, the authors explore how the lack of clarity on the extent to which the ADA applies to websites — not to mention the absence of clear guidance — impacts organizations caught in the wave of recent litigation brought by plaintiffs’ firms alleging websites and mobile apps do not comply with the ADA.

Dove and Hilary examine how the courts have stepped in to address this issue, and they provide practical and proactive tips to help to help avoid ADA enforcement and copycat private lawsuits in the future.

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