"Be Kind": Marc S. Voses Profiled in Business Insurance

"Be Kind": Marc S. Voses Profiled in Business Insurance

November 13, 2018

Goldberg Segalla’s Marc S. Voses has two words of advice to offer colleagues in the legal profession: “Be kind.”

The New York City-based partner was profiled in Business Insurance, where he offered his thoughts on joining Goldberg Segalla, insights into trends affecting the insurance industry, and advice to other attorneys.

“Silent Cyber” and Other Emerging Insurance Risks

Co-chair of the firm’s national Cybersecurity and Data Privacy practice and co-chair of the Cyber Risk Coverage sub-group of Global Insurance Services, Marc also shared reflections on his experiences as a young lawyer at the forefront of data breach litigation and cyber coverage. He offered a look ahead, highlighting “silent cyber coverage” as an emerging risk. “Simply put, silent cyber coverage refers to potential exposures for claims or losses arising from a cyber event when policyholders seek coverage under a policy that was not intended to cover those losses, and for which the premium does not appropriately reflect the risk,” Marc said. “In the near term, challenges for the insurance industry will include underwriting for cyber perils and responding to policyholders’ requests for coverage for losses and claims under non-cyber stand-alone policies.”

Nimble, Equipped, and Looking Ahead: Opportunities With Team GS

Marc also reflected on the opportunities and exciting challenges that have come with joining Goldberg Segalla, and helping to lead its growing cyber litigation and cyber coverage practices in the Metro New York market, nationwide, and internationally.

“Goldberg Segalla presents such a unique opportunity for me because they have been investing in developing the infrastructure our attorneys and clients need now, while at the same time being nimble enough to evolve to meet rapidly changing client requirements,” Marc said. “Our clients expect me to be part of a firm that has the bandwidth to handle emerging issues like insurtech, insurance coverage for cryptocurrencies and entities contemplating initial coin offerings, biometric information protection regulations, or website and electronic kiosk ADA accessibility issues, to name a few. As co-chair of cyber security and data privacy, as well as co-chair of the cyber risk coverage group within global insurance services, my short-term goal is to educate our existing and prospective clients that Goldberg Segalla’s attorneys can be their trusted advisers in these cutting-edge legal matters, while my long-term goal is to solidify Goldberg Segalla’s existing reputation in this space.”