"Closing Arguments: Not Just a 'Free-for-All,'" ABA Minority Trial Lawyer

"Closing Arguments: Not Just a 'Free-for-All,'" ABA Minority Trial Lawyer

Winter and Spring 2014

“To many trial lawyers, crafting the perfect closing argument is an art form all its own. But while closing arguments allow room for instilling creativity, and most courts instruct juries that closing and opening arguments do not constitute evidence, that does not mean lawyers are free to say anything they’d like in their closing statements,” writes Christopher G. Floreale, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s General Liability and Professional Liability Practice Groups and Vice Chair of the American Bar Association’s Trial Techniques General Committee.

In this two-part article, Chris provides practical guidance for crafting closing statements through an examination of how courts have ruled on various types of arguments made to the jury. Part One explores legal, factual, and other technical issues, and Part Two examines the use of personal information and rhetoric to evoke an emotional response.

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