"Managing an OSHA Inspection," Modern Contractor Solutions

"Managing an OSHA Inspection," Modern Contractor Solutions

July 26, 2019

Associate Samantha Catone of the Construction practice group discusses what an employer’s rights are before, during, and after an unexpected OSHA visit.

In “Managing an OSHA Inspection,” Samantha explains the rights employers and OSHA have during an inspection. Samantha also gives tips on what to do during the walk-around inspection.

“While many employers are aware that they could, at virtually any time, receive such a visit, not many employers are fully aware of the arsenal at their disposal to effectively manage these inspections. This article will provide you with some effective (but by no means exhaustive) tips to assert your rights prior to and during OSHA inspections.”

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Samantha focuses her practice on defending large businesses, landowners, and contractors in premises liability and construction site personal injury litigation, including matters involving New York State Labor Law. She is also a regular contributor to the firm’s OSHA: Legal Developments and Defense Strategies blog.