Reinsurance Review - April 2012

Reinsurance Review - April 2012

April 10, 2012

Goldberg Segalla’s Reinsurance Review provides timely summaries of and access to the latest reinsurance law developments worldwide, and is distributed monthly via email.

In this month’s edition:
  • Uninsured Motorist’s Claim Capped by Policy Limit Despite Arbitration Award Exceeding Coverage Limit
  • Mandatory Arbitration Clause Enforced Despite Lack of Parties’ Signature
  • Judge and Jury Find in Favor of Reinsurance Intermediary in Dispute Over Procurement of Reinsurance
  • New York’s Highest Court Accepts Appeal in Follow-the-Fortunes Case, Which Upheld $420 Million Judgment Against Reinsurers
  • New York’s Antitrust Statute Does Not Reach London’s Reinsurance Marketplace
  • Arbitration Award Overturned as Exceeding Arbitrator’s Authority
  • Judgment in Favor of Ceding and Fronting Carriers Against Agent Upheld
  • News and Notes

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