Reinsurance Review - August 2012

Reinsurance Review - August 2012

August 20, 2012

Goldberg Segalla’s Reinsurance Review provides timely summaries of and access to the latest reinsurance law developments worldwide, and is distributed monthly via email.

In this month’s edition:
  • First Circuit Grants Summary Judgment in Favor of Reinsurer, States Insured Did Not Prove Reinsurance Relationship Existed Across Policies
  • Motion to Compel Denied Because Plaintiff Did Not se Explicit Language in Discovery Request to Include Sufficient Description of Sought-After Reinsurer-Related Documents
  • SDNY Affirms Arbitration Award for Reinsurer Based on Claims Practices Provision, Noting Insured Failed to Offer Basis Upon Which to Vacate the Award
  • Reinsurance Documents and Communications to Be Discoverable
  • Burden of Establishing Extent of Reinsurer’s Obligation to Indemnify Cedent Where Possible Coverage
  • Exclusions Apply Falls on Reinsurer Question of Fact Regarding Definition of ‘Loss’ and Representations Under Stock Purchase Agreement Precluded Summary Judgment
  • English Court of Appeal Refuses to Set Aside Ruling Involving Choice of Law Controversy With American Insured

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