Reinsurance Review - January 2011

Reinsurance Review - January 2011

January 1, 2011

In this month’s edition: 

  • Court Concludes that Arbitration Clause is Broad Enough to Cover Dispute
  • District Court Concludes that Insurer Has Right To Intervene In Suit by Policyholder To Obtain Proceeds Of Judgment From Reinsurer
  • District Court Granted Summary Judgment to Insurer on Rescission and Exclusion Contained in Policy
  • Pennsylvania District Court Grants Defendants’ Demand For Claim And Underwriting Materials But Denies Request For Reinsurance Agreements
  • Appellate Court Reverses Lower Court and Allows Claims Involving Reinsurance Reserves Against J.P. Morgan
  • Amendment to New York’s Credit for Reinsurance from Unauthorized Insurers Regulation Issued