Reinsurance Review - June 2010

Reinsurance Review - June 2010

June 1, 2010

In this month’s edition:

  • Supreme Court Asks  for Solicitor General’s Opinion in Insurance Arbitration Case
  • Third Circuit Rules That the Issue of Whether Arbitration Agreement Contained An Explicit Class Action Waiver Is Within the Discretion of the District Court to Decide  
  • District Court Refuses to Enforce A Default Judgment Against Romanian Bank
  • District Court Declares that Fraudulent Inducement Claim Is Not Arbitrable 
  • District Court Reaffirms Decision that Unauthorized Reinsurer to Post Pre-Pleading Security 
  • Appellate Court Declines to Reverse Decision Vacating Attorneys’ Fees as Part of the Award
  • Non-Party Insurance Carrier Not Liable for Lost Income Interest
  • UK Commercial Court Rules that Arbitration Panel’s Decision in Which it Did Not Reference The Period Clause Is Not Flawed and Will Be Enforced