Reinsurance Review - May 2010

Reinsurance Review - May 2010

May 1, 2010

In this month’s edition:

  • In a 5-3 Decision, Supreme Court Vacates Second Circuit Decision Permitting Class Arbitration Where the Arbitration Agreement Was Silent on the Issue
  • Eleventh Circuit Confirmed that Arbitrators’ Award Providing An Equitable Lien Does Not Violate the FAA
  • Second Circuit Dismisses Final Cause of Action Involving A Reinsurance Fraud Dispute
  • District Court Concludes That Facultative Certificate Contained A Valid Cap On Cedent’s Expenses
  • District Court Orders Unauthorized Reinsurer To Post Pre-Pleading Security
  • District Court Allows $23 Million Reinsurance Dispute To Proceed Forward In The United Kingdom While Allowing U.S. Action to Remain Active