Reinsurance Review - September 2011

Reinsurance Review - September 2011

September 2011

In this month’s edition:

  • AIG and Gen Re Executives’ Convictions Vacated, Remanded for New Trial
  • Arbitration Panel May Craft Remedy Not Requested by Either Party So Long as Remedy Is Within Issues Presented for Arbitration
  • Determination of Duty to Defend Requires Only Limited Discovery
  • Reinsurer’s Obligation to Pay Not Triggered Until Reinsured Has Paid a Loss
  • Follow-the-Fortunes Doctrine of Reinsurance Treaty Requires Court to Accept Cedent’s Allocation of Losses Absent Gross Negligence or Bad Faith
  • Court Rejects Reinsurer’s Plea to Allow Lawsuit Against Bankrupt Insurer’s Liquidator