“5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Leading a Cannabis Business”: Adam R. Dolan Interviewed in Thrive Global

“5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Leading a Cannabis Business”: Adam R. Dolan Interviewed in Thrive Global

April 13, 2020

Adam R. Dolan, a partner based in Goldberg Segalla’s White Plains office and co-chair of the firm’s national Cannabis and Hemp Law practice, gave a wide-ranging interview to Thrive Global as part of a series focusing on leaders in the cannabis industry.

Adam discussed the current state of the market, offered predictions for the near future, and shared stories from his own journey into the cannabis space. He also detailed some recent projects that the firm’s Cannabis and Hemp Law attorneys have taken on, including:

  • Preparing a business proposal for a company seeking to enter the cannabis industry in New York and identifying the various issues and risk factors that might arise
  • Providing guidance to multiple consulting companies looking to enter the cannabis space, including identifying potential problem areas, steps they can take to mitigate risk, and how they can educate their employees and managers
  • Advising a company with a unique product on expanding beyond their share of the market

Adam also name-checked multiple Goldberg Segalla attorneys who have influenced his path and assisted in the growth of the Cannabis and Hemp Law practice.

“Professionally speaking, I’m blessed to have partners here at Goldberg Segalla who truly embody the meaning of that word. My practice group co-chair, David Choi, is an incredible attorney who is always there to bounce ideas off of and helped lead our group through incredible growth. Our firm’s managing partner, Rick Cohen, has gone out of his way to provide guidance, advice, and listen whenever I have questions about how to best tackle an issue. He’s an incredible leader. Also, Mike Shalhoub, a partner in my office, has been a great example of how to approach any case and issue with the utmost care and has been a wonderful example of how attorneys should approach a case.”

Adam closed with words of advice for CEOs or founders operating in the cannabis space and trying to help their employees thrive, recalling Goldberg Segalla’s founding values:

“Treat them like you would any employee in any other business. Recognize that they are facing significant difficulties by choosing to make their career in the cannabis industry, but they’re incredibly passionate about the work. Listen to their ideas. Many see this industry as the next technology or Silicon Valley, and want it to succeed as much as you. They may have valuable insight into how to better cultivate a plant and how to market it to the general public. They may just want to be heard and by doing so, they’ll work even harder for you. We have a saying at Goldberg Segalla―TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More. It’s true. Treat your employees as a team and you’ll achieve great things.”

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