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Caroline Berdzik Joins the FDCC’s Podcast Channel: “FedSpeaks”


Caroline Berdzik Joins the FDCC’s Podcast Channel: “FedSpeaks”

March 9, 2022
Caroline J. Berdzik

Caroline Berdzik, a partner based in Goldberg Segalla’s Princeton office and a member of the firm’s most senior leadership, joined the FedSpeaks podcast to speak with Valerie Kellner for their “How FDCC Members Are Getting It Done” series. The two discussed how things have changed since the pandemic, balancing family life and work, and some of the best advice Caroline has received throughout her legal career.

“One of things I pride myself on is responsiveness. So it is not going to sit longer than 10 minutes,” said Caroline when asked on her response time to clients. “I really hate having unanswered emails and particularly with a lot of the counseling work that I do for clients, they can’t wait even a few minutes. They want to do something at that point in time related to that employee.”

While discussing how she balances her work and family life Caroline remarked “Throughout different times in my career I have had different types of help to balance all of that. The one constant has been my husband throughout my entire legal career. He is my biggest supporter and I would not be able to do what I do without him helping out, particularly on the home front. I had my daughter my first year of practice, so I really don’t know what it is like to not balance having a child and being a lawyer.”

Being a wife, mother, and lawyer has also shown Caroline how important family and a work-life balance is and she wants to make sure she shows the support she was given early in her career. “I have been fortunate that I have always worked for organizations that have been extremely supportive of work-life balance and that is the approach I take as a firm leader. Family is critically important, people have family obligations and you can be a successful lawyer and also raise a family and have interests outside of the office and have both sides of that life. You just need to work in an environment that will allow you to make the adjustments and tweaks that you need.”


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Caroline J. Berdzik, chair of the firm’s Employment and Labor, Health Care, and Long-Term Care groups, devotes her practice to helping businesses, organizations, and management navigate the panoply of employment law issues, from proactive counseling through alternative dispute resolution and trial. She represents companies in diverse industries such as health care, transportation, retail, construction, insurance, and finance, as well as non-profit organizations and educational and religious institutions.