Daniel E. Lust Discusses Coronavirus Sports Impact with FOX Sports Radio

Daniel E. Lust Discusses Coronavirus Sports Impact with FOX Sports Radio

March 19, 2020

Daniel E. Lust, a member of the firm’s General Liability and Sports and Entertainment groups, was a guest on FOX Sports Sunday’s radio show with Aaron Torres and Dan Beyer discussing the impact the coronavirus has on the sports industry.

On the episode, Dan talks about athletes who have contracted the virus and if someone can take legal action toward another person if they transmitted the virus to them.

“It requires someone to have acted carelessly or maybe reckless while they either know they have the disease or they think they might have it, but at the end of the day in order to win on a type of lawsuit like this, you need to show that someone’s actions, via careless or reckless, with a proximate cause of you actually getting coronavirus.”


Listen to the full episode here:

FOX Sports Sunday with Beyer and Torres, March 15, 2020

More about Goldberg Segalla’s Daniel E. Lust:

Daniel E. Lust focuses his practice on transportation, premises, and construction matters, including high-exposure incidents involving fatalities and other catastrophic injuries. With substantial experience wielding legal tech, Dan has built countless successful defenses using information captured from plaintiffs’ social media or technological footprint, finding the digital “needle in the haystack” to crack open difficult cases. Dan’s colleagues frequently have asked him to step in to lead complex digital research or investigative efforts, and he has educated the legal community on the latest issues in tech through his position as co-chair of the Tech Law Committee of the Westchester County Bar Associations, as well as through publications for the American Bar Association, New York Law Journal, and New York Business Journal.

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