Adam R. Dolan to Speak at Cannabis Cover Masterclass about Complex Product Liability Issues

Adam R. Dolan to Speak at Cannabis Cover Masterclass about Complex Product Liability Issues

March 10, 2020

Adam R. Dolan, co-chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Cannabis and Hemp Law group, will be speaking at Insurance Business America’s Cannabis Cover Masterclass in Boston on June 10 about product liability issues and spotlight solutions best-suited to protect cannabis clients.

Adam was quoted in an article for Insurance Business discussing how businesses can prepare for a potential lawsuit, including ensuring quality control is high and regulations are being strictly followed, having risk management professionals understand exactly what their clients are doing within this industry, and being aware of daily operations.

“Make sure that you have the requirements for each day you operated and make sure that you had those next to your manufacturing people. Make sure that they followed it and make sure that they detailed that they followed it so that if a lawsuit comes down the line, you can point to all of this information and data and show, ‘my product was required to do X, Y and Z and it did X, Y and Z, and then we did A, B and C,’” Adam said, “because there are so many different allegations that can be brought in a product liability lawsuit. They can make 10 or 20 allegations against you and you need to be aware of how to protect yourself against them.”

To learn more from Adam about what cannabis clients need in their coverage, register for the Cannabis Cover Masterclass.


Read the full article here:

How to Navigate Complex Product Liability Issues in the Cannabis Industry,” Insurance Business, March 9, 2020

More about Goldberg Segalla’s Adam R. Dolan:

Adam is an emerging authority in the field of cannabis and hemp law. He not only co-chairs the firm’s Cannabis and Hemp Law group, but also regularly authors articles exploring liability and cannabis, CBD, and hemp law, including serving as a frequent contributor to Life Science Matters, the firm’s blog covering the life sciences and medical device industries. He brings expert analysis of the latest trends and breaking news surrounding the cannabis legal landscape to his writing, and his colleagues routinely recognize him for his thoughtful research, turning to him for strategic advice and insight into the many developing aspects of this new area of law.