Peter J. Woo Discusses COVID-19 Telecommuting and Anti-Harassment Measures in Business Insurance

Peter J. Woo Discusses COVID-19 Telecommuting and Anti-Harassment Measures in Business Insurance

March 30, 2020

“A best practice right now for employers is for them to at least review their policies and ensure that they do have something that provides for harassment in remote situations or when you are working outside of the office,” said Peter J. Woo, vice chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Employment and Labor practice.

Peter spoke to Business Insurance about the risks of harassment claims that arise when employees shift to a remote environment and solely digital communication—risks that are heightened in virtually every industry today because of the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantining measures that state and local governments are taking to stop it.

“Most employers have that,” Peter told Business Insurance. “I always have that in my handbooks that I draft for my clients.”

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