Farm and Agriculture Law

Goldberg Segalla’s Farm and Agriculture Law Practice Group offers farmers, ranchers, manufacturers, and others in the agriculture industry the legal support and protection they need to maximize their return on investment while navigating the challenges of supplying a growing, hungry world, both at home and abroad.

Our team is made up of highly experienced litigators and advisors licensed throughout the areas of the United States that offer the greatest production of grain, livestock, and other commodities. We are well positioned to assist farmers, agriculture groups, trade associations, agricultural product manufacturers and distributors, and other related interests in developing, maintaining, and protecting the labor, machinery, processes, and property of the nation’s agricultural community. Our attorneys focus on minimizing the interference and impact of governmental laws and regulations and helping clients address chronic harassment from activist groups.

We bring together the resources of Goldberg Segalla’s Food and Beverage, Product Liability, Class Action Litigation, Environmental, Toxic Torts, Regulatory Compliance, Business and Commercial, Employment and Labor, and other Practice Groups to provide proactive legal and regulatory advice to help minimize the risk of litigation or regulatory action — as well as a strong, integrated defense when disputes arise.

Highlights of our experience include:

  • Our team defended the leading manufacturer of Atrazine, a widely used corn and sorghum herbicide, in a series of class action lawsuits in the state and federal courts of Illinois, including the lead case filed in Madison County, Illinois. We also represented a follow-on, generic manufacturer of Atrazine in a companion lawsuit. After 10 years of litigation, the cases settled in 2014.
  • We are defending a CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) farm against nuisance and trespass claims brought by approximately 175 individual plaintiffs who claim odors and pollution from the farm have damaged property and negatively impacted use and enjoyment of their residential properties and property values.
  • In 2012, members of our team were asked by a farm trade association to render a legal opinion regarding the constitutionality of an unscrupulous initiative proposed by out-of-state NGO activists who sought to alter the ability of a state legislature to modify legislation that had become law through the referendum and initiative process. Faced with our firm’s legal opinion, the proponents ultimately withdrew their campaign and ceased efforts to place the initiative on the ballot.
  • We helped prepare a client for and attended numerous U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) meetings in Washington, D.C., to address various issues and studies regarding triazine herbicides. We assisted in the drafting and revision of scientific presentations by the client, engaged in numerous mock sessions of hearings with the client, prepared client representatives for media interviews, drafted and revised media statements, assisted industry trade organization representatives with written and oral comments presented to SAP panels, and conducted debriefings with the client each day after the hearings.
  • We assisted in the preparation of a proprietary, client-maintained, searchable database of all scientific studies and articles ever written regarding a certain class of crop protection products for use in defending both regulatory and litigation claims regarding those products.
  • Members of our team have assisted a major agricultural chemical company prepare for and present testimony at local, state, and federal regulatory and governmental hearings.
  • Our attorneys assisted in the drafting, editing, and rollout of a litigation-driven website regarding an agricultural chemical company’s flagship product to present the client’s position regarding its efficacy and safety to counter negative activist, NGO, and plaintiff internet and media claims.