Technology Liability Audits and Social Media Counseling

Goldberg Segalla’s Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice Group conducts legal audits to help our clients assess their potential liability exposures associated with cyber risks across all potential access points, including firewalls, phishing and whaling, mobile technology, cloud computing, and social media. Clients have found this service to be particularly valuable not only in terms of its risk-management benefits, but also its tendency to give leadership insight into potentially unknown aspects of their day-to-day operations.

Our team conducts a comprehensive review of the company’s systems, policies, and procedures, both technological and administrative, to determine potential exposures and weaknesses. We then work closely with our clients to develop and implement guidelines and controls specifically calibrated for their unique needs and risks.

Technology Use Audits

Some of the issues we have addressed in audits for companies in a wide range of industries, along with insurers and reinsurers, are:

Our services include providing in-house training, implementing risk management programs, and monitoring progress following the audit to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Social Media Policy Guidance

We routinely advise insurers, reinsurers, businesses, and professionals on mitigating the risks associated with social media generally while maximizing their use of social media tools to increase brand awareness and achieve marketing and business development goals.

Our experience includes advising and developing institutional social media strategies and policies for some of the largest insurance companies and professional organizations in the world. Our Employment and Labor Practice Group is well versed in helping employers navigate the new and unique challenges presented by social media.

We can assist with the full range of social media concerns, including:

  • Social media training for executives and their employees
  • Conducting a legal review of company and employee use of social media
  • Developing strategies to minimize corporate liability and defamation risk
  • Drafting and implementing a company-wide social media policy
  • Avoiding or handling employment-related disputes
  • Responsibly handling advertising, contests, and promotions through social media
  • Social media website terms and conditions of use