Records and Information Management

Our extensive courtroom experience has allowed us to test, refine, and execute information management strategies that are defensible, proactive, and cost-effective. As trial lawyers, we leverage this experience to help companies avoid a wide array of costly information management mistakes and sanctions. More importantly, our insight and strategies help companies achieve their objectives and reach their long-term goals.

At Goldberg Segalla, we work directly with clients to implement targeted records retention and information management strategies designed to control the ever-increasing volume of electronic information. Our team (including attorneys, IT partners, and vendors) uses our valuable trial experience to craft defensible corporate governance and document retention strategies. Given our experience with litigation support and e-discovery, we can help guide you toward the most cost-effective information management policies and procedures, thereby minimizing the rising costs often associated with preservation, collection, review, and production of electronic information.

Trusted Legal Counsel Through the Full Lifecycle of Information Management

Including a Goldberg Segalla attorney on your information management team has added benefits over traditional records management approaches. For example, our knowledge of case law and our trial experience bring a meaningful perspective to the entire information management lifecycle.

The character of information management has changed significantly over the past 10 years. More than ever, the driving force behind information management is to develop defensible strategies that are designed to avoid sanctions, minimize litigation costs, and protect your company’s bottom line. More information management departments are falling under the umbrella of corporate legal or risk management departments — and this trend will continue.

As lawyers, our approach is deliberate, measured, and designed to keep your best interests first and foremost when crafting information management strategies. Because we are not selling a product, our vendor relationships are designed simply to deliver the best information technology solutions to each client’s particular needs. With Goldberg Segalla, most deliberations about information management policy and procedures are protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Finally, because we are experienced trial lawyers, we understand exactly how to help clients develop uniform, repeatable, and efficient pre-litigation and litigation strategies for information management. With the growing importance of legal holds, we are at the forefront of providing opinions relating to trigger events, determining whether the duty to preserve records exists, and defining the scope of a legal hold. We also conduct interviews with custodians to confirm adherence to legal hold policy and procedure, in accordance with existing case law.

Information Management Services

  • Auditing and training programs
  • Custodian interviews to enforce and monitor legal holds
  • Data management plans for retention, format, and backup procedures and duration of retention
  • Data mapping
  • Data, employee and international privacy laws counseling
  • Disaster recovery and backup procedures
  • Electronic records policy and procedures
  • Employee and management training
  • Employee policies related to e-mail, Internet, company IT usage, and employee use, storage and copying of electronic documents
  • Legal hold
  • Notices
  • Opinions relating to trigger events, the duty to preserve records in anticipation of litigation or investigation and the scope of preservation
  • Policy and procedures
  • Records management policy and procedures
  • Records retention schedules
  • Release counseling and opinions
  • Safe communication training