Risk Management and Prevention Programs

Most companies use insurance policies and other business relationships in an effort to achieve a comprehensive blanket of risk protection regarding their operations. While no risk management plan can truly be seamless, we help our clients reduce their risk by providing coverage analysis and recommendations tailored to their specific industry. We have guided policyholders and self-insured entities in analyzing risks and exposures, and assisted with the procurement and placement of insurance coverage. We have also advised policyholders on a wide range of complex risk management issues, and provided them with counsel in selecting and implementing proactive risk management programs.

Some of our more recent engagements include:

  • Developing proactive internal protocols to monitor insurance compliance and implement risk transfer mechanisms
  • Assessing whether current insurance and contracts adequately protect a company for all foreseeable risks in its specific industry
  • Assessing insurance issues related to strategic business sales and acquisitions
  • Advising companies on their entire insurance portfolio, including EPLI, liability, property, directors and officers, and other coverage
  • Assessing overall insurance portfolio and impact of class actions, antitrust and securities claims
  • Assisting in structuring captive insurance programs and reinsurance placement issues
  • Partnering with brokers for proactive solutions to risk management
  • Working collaboratively with insurers in drafting policy language