Transactional Risk Insurance

Parties to merger, acquisition, and divestiture transactions are increasingly using insurance products to close deals. Remaining at the forefront of the transactional liability insurance market, Goldberg Segalla is positioned to assist clients with these customized products. Our lawyers have specialized knowledge and experience with a suite of insurance solutions ranging from representations and warranties insurance to contingent liability and tax opinion liability insurance.

Goldberg Segalla's unique ability to synergize our complex insurance coverage practice with our corporate and transactional expertise allows us to efficiently assist our clients with both the fast-paced underwriting and policy drafting, as well as provide effective counsel throughout the claims process. Whether we are assisting in the due diligence review before closing, or evaluating coverage triggers or damages valuations once a claim is submitted, we offer practical advice to support our clients' objectives.

When coverage disputes turn adversarial, our experienced coverage lawyers provide counsel on matters of policy interpretation and advocate on our clients' behalf. Often representing insurers in state and federal courts, and various arbitral forums as required, our lawyers bring their legal acumen and team of subject matter experts to advocate on our clients' behalf and effectively resolve claims. 

As the transactional risk insurance market continues to mature and the size of insured transactions expands, Goldberg Segalla is well-positioned to represent our clients in multiple capacities.