With financial fraud a fixture in the news, accountants are facing hostile scrutiny as never before.  The traditional deference afforded to their profession has become a quaint relic of a more genteel age, not likely to be seen again.  The gloves are off.

Goldberg Segalla understands this dynamic.  Our Management and Professional Liability Practice Group understands the challenges faced by auditors, tax preparers, valuation professionals, business consultants and other practitioners.  Goldberg Segalla’s accountants’ professional liability lawyers are often engaged to protect and defend accountants – including Top 20 firms – in professional liability lawsuits. 

In addition to our frequent court appearances on behalf of accountants, we routinely counsel these professionals on matters affecting their day-to-day practice. For example, we present continuing education on the Code of Ethics, as well as standard of care issues that are known to snare unwary practitioners.  We also advise our clients on difficult matters such as conflicts of interest, disengagements and non-engagements, billing issues, requests for comfort letters, SEC disclosures, AU Section 561 disclosures, communications with successor firms, and the discovery of client fraud and its aftermath. 

Accounting professionals from time to time receive third-party subpoenas in civil matters, federal and state grand jury subpoenas, administrative inquiries and other third-party communications.  Goldberg Segalla understands the sensitivity of these events, and handles each such matter with discretion and diplomacy. Our clients can trust that we will take every available measure to protect and preserve their confidence, as well as their reputations.

Practice group leader Jonathan S. Ziss is sought after as a lecturer on CPA risk management and professional standards compliance.  He has been involved in several hundred matters involving accountant professional liability issues.  He is also a frequent columnist on these topics.