Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Miscellaneous Professional Liability is poised to equal, if not soon exceed, the traditional professional lines in terms of insurance policies written and, naturally, claims. Goldberg Segalla understands Miscellaneous Professional Liability. Whether defending TPAs, adjusters, nurses, property managers, or any other miscellaneous professional, our experience defending the traditional professions underpins our work on the new MPL frontier. We also understand how the law fits — and, in many important ways, does not yet fit — this expansive and expanding category.

More than traditional professional liability claims, Miscellaneous Professional Liability claims typically combine standard of care (negligence) theory with contract claims and defenses. Also, unlike traditional claims, these claims often involve liquidated or otherwise easily reckoned damages. This is a key to many Miscellaneous Professional Liability claims. We have found that these characteristics allow for very early assessment and evaluation, frequently leading to early resolution.