Risk and Litigation Avoidance Strategies

Goldberg Segalla’s Risk and Litigation Avoidance Strategies team has extensive experience handling some of the most sophisticated risk management challenges in the world. Clients from the United States, Europe and Asia regularly ask our attorneys to help them navigate the growing and complicated global legal issues confronting them.

Risk and Litigation Avoidance Strategies is the practice of recognizing and analyzing the risk of loss in a business context. These risks may include everything from product liability issues to the daily operational issues of a business. While failure to recognize and effectively manage these risks can eventually lead to catastrophe, effective risk management can minimize their effect—and provide a direct and beneficial impact on your company’s profitability. 

Our approach to risk management involves developing essential policies and procedures that affect day-to-day business operations, including policies regarding document retention and destruction. To address the risks associated with products liability litigation, we help our clients develop a Product Safety Committee and Product Liability Prevention Program tailored to the products designed, manufactured and/or distributed by their company. Of course, we also provide input concerning the product development files and related product-specific materials. These items include (but are not limited to) instruction manuals, warnings, warranties and advertising materials. 

The attorneys at Goldberg Segalla understand and appreciate the need to look at all aspects of a client’s business in order to properly address risk. In fact, we regularly counsel clients with respect to:

  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Intellectual property
  • Trade secret protection
  • Application of global product safety and performance standards

At Goldberg Segalla, we are well-versed in the three most powerful tools used in risk management: risk identification, loss-prevention activities and insurance. Our Risk and Litigation Avoidance Strategies team will assist you in developing and implementing the appropriate strategies and procedures to minimize future risks and enhance the long-term profitability of your company.

For the latest information on risk and litigation avoidance strategies, visit our Product Liability Playbook blog. It is designed to help manufacturers, retailers, importers, and others in the supply chain avoid the risk of costly litigation and understand the complex federal and state regulations governing the manufacturing, sale, and distribution of products in a wide range of industries