Goldberg Segalla’s Trucking Practice Group offers a one-stop-shop for companies to turn to with any legal need.

Our experienced, full-service team is dedicated to providing trucking and transportation-focused companies with all the counsel and representation they need to keep their businesses rolling, from proactive advice on business transactions or handling employment concerns to a staunch defense in a workers’ compensation claim, a discrimination lawsuit, a multimillion-dollar catastrophic injury, or any type of legal action. Backed by a nationwide office network plus a 24/7 Emergency Response Team and an investigations counsel always on call, we are equipped to handle issues or claims wherever and whenever they arise.

Trucking companies no longer need to wrangle a discordant array of lawyers and law firms to handle every discrete matter or question that comes up. We offer greater efficiency, seamless service, and streamlined communications through a multidisciplinary team optimized to help trucking clients minimize risk, maximize results, and reduce legal spend — all accessible via one call to a trusted point of contact who knows and understands your operations, your goals, your people, and your philosophy.

We Speak Your Language

Our full-service team of transportation lawyers knows your industry from real-world experience in the trucking business, decades spent representing transportation clients, and active involvement and leadership in prominent industry groups. We know the federal and state regulations you operate under, understand the practical impacts of legal outcomes on logistics and the bottom line, and can explain the difference between a cylinder head and a spring brake valve.

Our team includes, for example:

  • A steering committee member of the national DRI Trucking Law Committee
  • Regional coordinating counsel for a major, national trucking company
  • A member of the North Carolina Trucking Association Board of Directors
  • Lawyers who have walked in their clients’ shoes, with hands-on experience in trucking and logistics companies ranging from monitoring parts and inventory to handling operations and sales
  • Members of the Trucking Industry Defense Association, the Truckload Carriers Association, Women in Trucking, the New Jersey Motor Truck Association, and other major organizations

Comprehensive Services

Catastrophic Injury, Property Damage, and Other Liability Claims — We offer our clients trial-tested litigators in each of our offices, ready to defend against the liability and damages claims that can result from accidents. We have strong relationships with leading national experts in accident reconstruction, trauma medicine, vocational rehabilitation, and other disciplines, which helps us build a successful defense. Our strategic courtroom use of on-board electronic data recording systems, global positioning, and other technologies employed by our clients can make the difference in helping a jury understand how an accident developed and occurred.

Robert M. Hanlon Jr., chair of our Trucking Practice Group, is an American College of Trial Lawyers Fellow and an American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA) National Board of Directors member who has tried more than 30 cases to verdict in nine states. He is a Trucking Industry Defense Association member and serves as regional coordinating counsel for a multinational trucking and logistics company, responsible for overseeing and trying its catastrophic personal injury cases throughout the eastern United States.

Corporate Services and Commercial Litigation — With attorneys who are well-versed in sophisticated commercial and realty transactional law, and experienced in handling complex, multimillion-dollar commercial disputes, we act as a trusted partner to trucking companies in every facet of their ownership or leasing of land or equipment for the operation of their fleet. We can guide trucking companies through any business decision, commercial interaction, transaction, legal dispute, or government investigation they may face. 

Employment and Labor — We help trucking clients with every aspect of their relationships with their employees, including hiring and termination practices, policy manuals, background checks, employee benefits, disability, FMLA policy, union grievances, and collective bargaining negotiations. Through proactive counsel and interactive training sessions, we help companies minimize their risk for being sued, but when claims cannot be avoided or mediated, we defend employers against discrimination, wrongful termination, ADA, and other claims in state and federal courts as well as before government agencies.

Carianne P. Torrissi, who leads our trucking employment services, brings to every engagement the extensive knowledge she gained working for years in her family’s trucking business, and then devoting much of her legal practice to serving the needs of the trucking industry. She is a member of Women in Trucking and the New Jersey Motor Truck Association.

Insurance Coverage — Trucking industry clients benefit from our having some of the leading insurance coverage attorneys in the country, ready to advise on whether an insurer of a company must provide coverage for a particular vehicle, use, or load. Few areas of insurance law are as challenging as the interplay of insuring documents on tractors, the trailers they tow, and the loads they carry. Additionally, we have extensive experience with the complex issues that may arise in cases involving uninsured or underinsured motorists.

Christian A. Cavallo, leader of our firm’s Transportation Coverage team, has extensive experience in insurance coverage litigation involving underlying lawsuits with multimillion-dollar motor vehicle accident claims.

Risk Mitigation and Litigation Avoidance — We proudly see our role as attorneys and advisers akin to being a critical member of our clients’ teams. Accordingly, we regularly provide our trucking clients with proactive advice on reducing exposure and avoiding litigation, provide resources to help clients make sense of the federal regulations applicable to various commercial motor vehicle documents, and conduct in-house educational presentations on topics that include:

  • Safety training
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations compliance and the consequence of non-compliance
  • Truck accident investigation and crash scene management
  • Potential conflicts of interest created by multi-party trucking disputes
  • The interplay of workers’ compensation, Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) issues
  • Approaches to maintaining a positive work environment while minimizing risk or the threat of a lawsuit

Workers’ Compensation — Our Workers’ Compensation Practice Group attorneys have successfully defended trucking clients against meritless medical and injury claims, and with teams on the ground in every state across our footprint, we know the intricacies involved in navigating each state’s Workers’ Compensation Board claims and unique hearing systems.

Ben S. Greenberg, vice chair of our Trucking Practice Group, focuses his practice on advising and defending transportation industry clients in all types of workers’ compensation claims. He is a member of the North Carolina Trucking Association’s Board of Directors and a member of the Truckload Carriers Association.

24/7 Emergency Response Team and Investigations Counsel

When there is an accident, time is of the essence in getting investigators to the scene in order to start building the best possible defense. That is why we provide our clients with contact information to reach partners in each of our offices — day or night, any day of the year. This team is ready to take action immediately and manage the first response to an accident, including:

  • Developing contacts with the police agencies involved
  • Getting photographers and accident reconstruction experts to the scene
  • Obtaining witness statements before they can be corrupted by the passage of time or the influence of other investigators
  • Securing the client’s vehicle as soon as it is released from police impound
  • Beginning the process of building a defense to a potential claim right away, before skid marks fade, evidence is moved, or witnesses cannot be located

Albert Joseph Holl, our firm’s investigations counsel, acts as the primary coordinator for rapid response, utilizing the comprehensive accident response protocols developed by our Trucking team. A 17-year veteran of the FBI with 25 years of combined investigative and legal experience, he deploys to critical incidents and catastrophic accident scenes to provide timely and crucial information to key stakeholders. A.J. ensures the necessary investigative and expert resources are being engaged, that key witnesses are identified, that critical evidence and documents are preserved, and that the right steps are taken at the right time — when every second counts. Then, when continued investigative action is required through the aftermath, he provides guidance and regular updates to the client, allowing the trial team to focus on strategy and defense.

This innovative role adds exceptional value for clients in the trucking industry and further sets Goldberg Segalla apart from other firms.