“From Injustice to Justice: Lessons Learned From the Madison County Tobacco Litigation,” Madison-St. Clair Record June 28, 2016

“An optimist may say complex cases take a long time. A cynic may say there was an attempted hijacking of the judicial system from within itself,” writes Goldberg Segalla partner Kurtis B. Reeg in the Madison-St. Clair Record. “The average citizen wonders why and how could this could happen — how could a case be tried and decided, only to take a greater amount of time, another 8 years, trying to take a mulligan, a do-over?”

In an op-ed for The Record, Kurt recounts the long, storied saga of the light tobacco litigation in Madison County, Illinois — one of the country’s so-called judicial hellholes — and how its protracted 16-year history represents the opposite of the free, complete, and prompt justice the Illinois and U.S. constitutions guarantee. “That’s not free justice, not prompt justice, not due process to reasonable minds,” writes Kurt, a member of the firm’s Product Liability, Toxic Torts, and Class Action Litigation Practice Groups.

“The citizenry has, or needs to have, faith and confidence in their judicial and legal officers, and the process,” he continues. “The processes seen in this lawsuit should be a wake-up call for the citizenry of Illinois, or justice there may be turned on its head.”

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