Aaron J. Aisen Featured in “Cyber Security: Protecting Ourselves,” People to People: Working Together for Your Safety February 4, 2014

Aaron J. Aisen, an attorney in Goldberg Segalla’s Cyber Risk and Social Media Practice Group, was a guest on People to People: Working Together for Your Safety to discuss cyber security, a timely topic of increasing relevance to business owners and consumers. As Aaron told host Stan Salot, Jr., business owners must look at cyber attacks and security breaches not as “if” scenarios — but “when.”

“Everyone has to assume that they are going to get hit at some point, by someone,” Aaron explained. “And whether that’s [through] inadvertently leaving a laptop full of customer data on a taxicab or on a train, or as the result of an attack by a malicious hacker, everyone is under siege in this particular area. So trying to get your head around it, mitigate it, and come up with an appropriate response is absolutely essential in order to, in some cases, actually preserve your business.”  

Aaron said that cyber security presents great risks, but also great opportunities: “It’s a bright future. We just need to learn how to manage it.”

Listen to the show here: