"Auto Insurance Telematics Data Privacy and Ownership," Mealey's Data Privacy Law Report May 2015

“Insurance companies can use vehicle driving data gathered by telematics sensors attached to vehicles to rate automobile insurance policies, while auto dealers can use the same sensors to gather vehicle diagnostic data which is used by dealers for use in servicing customers in diagnosing problems with their vehicles and other related services,” write Frederick J. Pomerantz and Aaron J. Aisen, attorneys in Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services and Cyber Risk and Social Media Practice Groups.

But the rising use of vehicle driving data raises a number of critical legal and regulatory questions for insurers, manufacturers, and others connected to the automotive industry: What state and federal laws and regulations exist to protect drivers’ confidential information? And who actually owns the data gathered through auto insurance telematics devices installed in vehicles?

In this comprehensive article, Fred and Aaron examine the relatively new — and still very fluid — statutory and regulatory environment surrounding the issue of data privacy and ownership, with a focus on how both state and federal laws and regulations impact vehicle telematics.

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