"Hydraulic Fracturing: A Retrospective of Key Legal Disputes in 2014 and Predictions for the Future," AIRROC Matters Spring 2015

“In 2014, hydraulic fracturing (‘fracking’) remained a hot national topic. Often making headlines, fracking also made its mark in litigation, where key battles wound their way through the courts,” write Frederick J. Pomerantz, Andrew J. Scholz, and James D. Macri, attorneys in Goldberg Segalla’s Global Insurance Services and Hydrofracking Practice Groups.

“It is not just negative press causing legal headwinds. High-volume natural gas extraction involves a combination of risks and rewards that are ripening into various forms of legal disputes.”

In this article written for AIRROC Matters, the journal of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Runoff Companies, the authors explore the unique, and sometimes prejudicial, challenges facing the industry through some of the recent legal developments in the areas of land use, contract, and tort-based law. This analysis provides insight into emerging litigation trends as well as unresolved issues that loom large in the future.

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