Kurtis B. Reeg Quoted in "Reregistration is a Long Dance," AgWeb August 26, 2015

“[Pesticide] reregistration eats up the clock and burns a lot of money,” explains Goldberg Segalla partner Kurtis B. Reeg in a recent AgWeb article. “Activists know SAPs [scientific advisory panels] have the power to take scientifically-based herbicides off the market down the road. There would be a real, practical effect if vital products got blocked at reregistration.”

The article explains the history of pesticide reregistration — brought into practice in the 1970s, when Congress tasked the EPA with ensuring registered pesticides satisfied current scientific standards — and the hurdles the rolling 15-year process often presents to manufacturers tasked with keeping important agricultural products available.

Noting that the costs — both monetary and otherwise — associated with reregistration are cumulative over time, Kurt nevertheless warns against taking the process for granted, especially with disparate groups jockeying for position and influence. “Supporting science is irrelevant for the activists: If we didn’t get you this time, we can get you on the fourth or fifth go-around with a study of some kind,” he notes.  

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