"Is the 'Old Boys Club' Alive and Well in 2013? Despite Efforts, Female Attorneys Succeed in Disproportionate Numbers," DRI Today May 31, 2013

“Many female attorneys would answer that question with a resounding yes and remind their male, and female, counterparts that the ‘old boys club’ bias in the legal sector remains, despite the significant and obvious advances in the legal profession that have resulted in a more level playing field,” writes Angeline N. Ioannou, special counsel in Goldberg Segalla’s Professional Liability Practice Group and a member of the Defense Research Institute’s Diversity Committee.

This article examines the history and current status of the gender gap in the legal profession, offers some practical suggestions law firms may implement to help close the gap and increase retention of talented female attorneys, and raises critical questions for the industry to consider as it looks to continue the discussion and implement a strategy for narrowing the gap.

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