"Paying the Piper: NFL's Concussion Policy Results in Huge Class Action Lawsuit,' Thomson Reuters News and Insight August 15, 2012

In this article, Joseph M. Hanna, leader of Goldberg Segalla’s Sports and Entertainment Practice Group, analyzes the legal issues behind the question followers of and stakeholders in the National Football League are asking in light of the media frenzy over concussions and suicides of current and former players: “Will the NFL face liability for its arguably deficient efforts to inform players of the risks associated with football induced head trauma?”

This article, published by Thomson Reuters, examines the scientific research conducted, the development of the NFL’s policy regarding player safety and concussions, history of the ongoing legal battle, various legal implications of the class-action suit against the league, and some potential defenses the NFL may employ to avoid liability.

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“Paying the Piper: NFL’s Concussion Policy Results in Huge Class Action Lawsuit,” Thomson Reuters News and Insight, August 15, 2012