"A Pediatric Physician's Approach to Evaluation of Claims Citing the Failure to Diagnose Group B Streptococcal Meningitis (GBS) in Children," DRI Medlaw Update December 31, 2013

“In the majority of pediatric meningitis claims, the diagnoses of GBS was made within the two days of first contact with a medical provider; yet over 50% of children still died of GBS sepsis. Many of the malpractice claims cited that a physician did not respond to medical calls from parents and physicians did not perform the correct lab tests, especially a lumbar puncture. Other allegations of negligence included delays in getting antibiotics to the child and/or timely hospitalization.”

This article, co-authored by Angeline N. Ioannou, special counsel in Goldberg Segalla’s Professional Liability and Health Care Practice Groups, introduces defense counsel and claims professionals to the symptoms of Group B Streptococcal (GBS), explains how infants can contract this dreaded disease, and discusses the best practices for its diagnosis from the perspective of a pediatric specialist.

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