"Practice Tips: The 'Settle and Sue' Legal-Malpractice Case," ABA Professional Liability Newsletter Spring 2014

“Buyer’s remorse has affected the most judicious of us. It’s that gripping sense of regret over having purchased an item that we only later realize we never really wanted or never should have bought in the first place,” writes Saleel V. Sabnis, an attorney in Goldberg Segalla’s Professional Liability Practice Group.

“These are the sentiments exhibited by some disgruntled plaintiffs in a recent trend of legal-malpractice cases that some courts and practitioners have termed the ‘settle and sue’ lawsuit. A plaintiff in this type of legal-malpractice action is unhappy with settling a prior lawsuit even after the plaintiff voluntarily agreed to settle the case. In classic buyer’s remorse mode, disgruntled clients regret the decision to settle and focus their litigation crosshairs on their former attorney who advised the ‘negligent’ settlement.”

In this article, Saleel examines a number of practical tips for defending against “settle and sue” cases.

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