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Case Study

Legal Malpractice Claim Stemming From Complex Contract Negotiation Tossed Out on Appeal

September 11, 2018
Matthew S. Marrone

Lawyers facing a complex web of malpractice claims stemming from a fractious contractual dispute were cleared in a unanimous decision by the appellate panel for the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Goldberg Segalla’s Matthew S. Marrone and Matthew R. Shindell —partners in the firm’s Management and Professional Liability practice and leaders on its highly regarded Lawyers and Law Firms team — handled the appeal.

The action stemmed from a dispute over a contract between musician and producer Martin Feierstein and his wife Lauren Hope Kane and “Link” Wray, a guitarist best known as the progenitor and popularizer of the “power chord” in the 1950s. The “thorny bramble of cross-claims and joinders among the lawyers involved” escalated, according to Law360, when Kane filed claims under Pennsylvania’s Dragonetti Act against all eight of the attorneys involved for abusing civil process when they had earlier filed joinder claims against her.

Representing two of those lawyers, Matt and Matthew successfully argued that Kane could not meet the requisite element of a Dragonetti suit by showing that the lawyers had no cause to file their cross-claims against her.

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