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Case Study

William Greagan and Matthew Lerner Successful for Electrical Contractor in Worksite Injury Case

August 26, 2011
William J. Greagan

William J. Greagan and Matthew S. Lerner, partners in the firm’s Albany office, successfully defended a contractor who installed electrical outlets to a facility that contained a machine that injured a plaintiff; the plaintiff’s arm was amputated by the machine when he reached into its grinding mechanism without disabling the machine. The plaintiff argued that the contractor negligently designed the electrical system because its employees did not employ safety stops for the machines. Bill and Matt demonstrated that the facility owner and the employee’s supervisor refused the contractor’s offer to provide the electrical system with the safety stops. The trial court agreed with Bill and Matt, holding that the electrical contractor did not have a duty to install the safety stops in the face of the owner’s refusal of its offer to install them.