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“Cosmetic Talc Products at the Core of Two Emerging Mass Tort Litigations,” FETTI

Spring 2017
Joseph J. Welter

“Cosmetic talc is the latest product in the cross-hairs of those who are attempting to label talc as dangerous. In a double-barreled shotgun approach, cosmetic talc has come under attack as allegedly causing ovarian cancer and asbestos-related diseases. While these are two distinct types of claims, they have placed the cosmetic talc industry at the center of two emerging mass torts in this country,” writes Joseph J. Welter, Chair of Goldberg Segalla’s Toxic Tort and Environmental Practice Group.

In his article for The National Forum for Environmental & Toxic Tort Issues (FETTI), Joe looks at talc-related mass tort cases currently making their way through the courts.

He first analyzes the current state of asbestos-talc litigation, raising the question of why asbestos-related talc claims have risen since industry standards were adopted in 1980. He goes on to point out, “With the evolution of asbestos mass tort litigation, and some cases with no identifiable asbestos exposure, claims against talc manufacturers started to be sued.”

Joe continues on to discuss talc-ovarian cancer litigation. In analysis of the scientific studies often cited in court, Joe says, “On the other hand, there are more methodologically reliable scientific studies involving larger groups of women showing there is no increased risk of developing ovarian cancer through use of cosmetic talcum powder.” He then goes on to conclude by saying, “Keeping abreast of evolving scientific studies and early litigation trends are keys to seeing what is on the horizon.”

Read the article here:

Cosmetic Talc Products at the Core of Two Emerging Mass Tort Litigations,” FETTI, Spring 2017