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“Demystifying the Process of Contesting an OSHA Citation,” IndustryWeek

July 21, 2015
Michael Rubin

“The decision to contest an OSHA citation should never be made lightly. Indeed, many factors might be relevant to the decision-making process,” writes Michael Rubin, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s OSHA and Worksite Safety Practice Group, in an article he wrote for the July 21, 2015 issue of IndustryWeek.

In the piece, Mike explores the options available — and steps to follow — for companies and organizations that have received, and want to contest, an OSHA citation. Mike details the deadline process and the steps that follow a contested citation.

“Anyone so unfortunate to have received an OSHA citation likely knows that you need to make a decision relatively quickly on how to respond. Simply reaching for the checkbook (never advisable!) and deciding to just pay the citation is one approach,” Mike writes. “Another approach — a more recommended approach — would be to take advantage of the procedures in place to help you resolve citations.”

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