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“Does Liability Protection Mean Never Having to Say You’re Sorry?” Pennsylvania CPA Journal

Winter 2013
Jonathan S. Ziss

 “An admission of fault, especially when coupled with an offer to accept the consequences of one’s professional error or omission, can have the salutary effect of saving a relationship and thwarting a lawsuit,” writes Jonathan S. Ziss, a partner in Goldberg Segalla’s Professional Liability Practice Group. “Problem solved, right? Not so fast. There is a catch, and it is one that can take a practitioner by surprise and leave him or her in a far worse position, with every caring gesture turning out to have an entirely unintended consequence.”

In the Winter 2013 installment of Jonathan’s “Liability Lessons” column for the Pennsylvania CPA Journal, a publication of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Jonathan addresses the ways in which such a gesture, while well intended, may be considered a breach of the practitioner’s liability insurance contract — and could potentially spoil malpractice coverage.

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