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“Does Settling an OSHA Citation Make Good Business Sense?” Modern Contractor Solutions

February 2017

“Upon receipt of a citation, you have three basic options: accept the citation as-issued (this is almost never the best option); request an informal conference and attempt to settle or convince OSHA to withdraw the citation; or contest one or more parts of the citation. Never ignore a citation—otherwise critical rights may be lost,” writes Michael Rubin, Chair of the OSHA and Worksite Safety Practice Group.

In his article for Modern Contractor Solutions, Mike looks at the options available to contractors after an OSHA citation is issued.

He breaks down the cost associated with settling a citation — including future potential costs, how liability can be shared across worksites, and what “admitting guilt” can mean when dealing with future OSHA citations. “Although the facts and circumstances of every case may be different, settling could also damage your industry reputation; expose your brand to negative press; or lead to decreased competitiveness, loss/disqualification of private and public contracts, and increased insurance costs.”

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